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About the Punjab Pavilion

The Punjab Pavilion Inc.

Celebrating Punjabi culture with Canadians and the world.

We are a part of Brampton’s Multicultural festival called Carabram. Established in 1982, Carabram celebrates culture and not countries. Punjab Pavilion is the latest addition to Carabram’s showcase in 2017.

Why Punjab pavilion and Importance of Cultural festival;As written by:
Er. Satya Narayan Shahi B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering (India)), MS (Manufacturing Engineering & Management (UK));

“Culture, in simple words, can be said asidentity wherecommon values, attitudes, preferences, knowledge, etc. are the attributes to the behavior in a particular social group, and that can have a positive or a negative influence on social development in a given country or region. This identity also plays very important role in making people self-motivated in the social activities. The recognition of people as individual or in a group is the main key to such motivation. This eventually, gives positive impact on the making of better creative environments. It is worth quoting the definition of culture by UNESCO. It reads: “in its widest sense, culture may now be said to be the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society or group. It includes not only the arts and letters, but also modesof life, the fundamental rights of thehuman beings, value systems, traditionsand beliefs.”…..

We are all about The Culture;

At the Punjab Pavilion we are proud to bring people from all around the world together through the magic of culture. Canada is the envy of the world for being the most successful multicultural country in the world. We wish to keep this tradition alive and well for our young, the older generation and the new comers of today and tomorrow. Culture has no boundaries. Culture is entertaining and yet it’s traditional! We welcome all to The Punjab Pavilion to build goodwill and fellowship through entertainment.

Established on April of 2017 after the distinguished board of directors of Carabram Organization decided to add a new Pavilion for 2017. The decision was based on the demand and the needs of the citizens of Brampton and the surrounding cities.

The mandate of Punjab Pavilion is one and the same as Carabram’s Organizing Committee–that is “Nothing but the Culture”. Punjabi performers will showcase varieties of unique dances, songs, poetry. Foods which comes from different regions of Punjab and that are very rare, difficult to make in day-to-day life of any Canadian households. Moreover, vendors shall have varieties of Clothing from the historic periods to the latest Canadian designers and around the world. The mission of Punjab Pavilion is to entertain all visitors to the pavilion and better understand of a culture still not known to most Canadians. We are fun. We are colorful and we promote multiculturalism.

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How to get Tickets:

Tickets are $ 10.00 in advance or $12.00 at the gate. You can buy tickets at many Indian & Pakistani retails stores, businesses and cultural associations.

You can also email or call 416-457-5597. We deliver ticket orders of 10 or more.

Punjab Pavilion Venue: Located at 500 Ray Lawson Blved, Brampton (Corner of McLaughlin Blvd and Ray Lawson inside Fletcher Sport’splex, rink #4. Parking is free however we request visitors in close proximity to the venue to walk or carpool so that out of town visitors can find parking easily.

Vendors & Booths:

Limited vendors accepted each year. Items must be unique and tied to Punjabi Cultural significance. Rates are flexible as per size and availability. Punjab Pavilion makes special efforts to promote each and every vendor and creates an ambiance unique to Punjab and its unique heritage. Well trained “event ambassadors” provide information, map of the venue and direction.