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Three Topics -

1. Canada: “Why is Canada the envy of the world”.

2. Punjab, The cities, The entire Punjab, Cultures, successes. It’s history & the significience of it’sfive rivers.

3. Sri Guru Gobind Singh: His teachings as a humanitarian, Supporter of multiculturalism &how he considered “all human race as one”.


  • * Your own document, Originality, Historical referenes, Explanations, Graphics can be added, Stats can be added, Interesting & Thought provoking.
  • * Agesupto 18 years old or younger: No more than 1000 to 1500 words.
  • * Ages over 18 years of old: 1500 words to 2000 words.
  • * If written in Punjabi language : Writer shall be given special considerations and or points.
  • * All essay must be typed and may be required to explain, recite in front of audiences


Certificates for top 3 winners, Plaques for 1st place winner, One Scholarship of $500.00 for the first place winners in each age group.(There will be TWO scholarships each $500.00)

Who: Open to everyone. By age groups: -

A. Up to age 18 or under: Middle school. High School.

B. All ages over 18

C. Open to all cultures.

Why: 1. Get young & adults engaged. 2. Enlighten others. 3. Better understanding of Canada, Humanity, Inclusivity, Multiculturalism and contribution of all peoples towards Canada, Punjab and Canada.

What: Express how to treat everyone. How to defend the rights & freedoms of every Canadian, our charter, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, contribution of citizens. The bravery & courage of Punjabis. History of Punjab. Your own views.

How Judging: 15 points for ENGAGING, 15 points for CONTENTS, 15 points for RESEARCH, 15 points for expression of HUMANITY and or BRAVERY, 25 points for EXIBITS-ART EFFECTS-RELICS.

Additional Instructions:

  • 1. Essay can accompany Exhibits to enhance your views, References from books, Pictures, Art effects, Research materials. Your views. (Objects must be delivered in person- Email to express you have additional Objects, Materials. All pictures can be emailed along with the essay.
  • 2. Written in Punjabi language shall be compensated with additional points and or credits. Type written or hand written. Hand written must be neat and legible, easy to read.
  • 3. You can choose to enter any of the three available topics or two or all three.
  • Disqualification will aply for: Nooriginality or Plgiarism or late submission after 10:00 pm on July 5, 2017 orIncomplete work.

For further questions; Please contact Ehsan Khandaker via email or call 416-457-5597